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What is DirSiz (Directory Size)?   Latest Ver.:  4.5a,  13 December, 2005

Try: DirSiz /c to see the new condensed output format.
       The registered version allows DirSiz /c /all to process all logical volumes with
       one command -- great for maintaining a system with several logical drive letters.

Version 4.2a removes the bug with using the /L (for Long filenames).

This version will list specified directories in addition to the entire drive.  For example,
if the current directory is D:\src\cpp\Project1, then entering
just the program name:


at the command prompt will produce a listing of only D:\src\cpp\Project1 and it's
sub-directories.  See the ReadMe.txt file for further details and useage information.

DirSiz is a 32-bit Windows Console Application that produces a listing showing the
size of each directory on a disk.  Since the output can be redirected to the printer
or to a file, it is very useful for maintaining network drives, local disks and for
producing a listing of  the contents of CD-ROMs.  DirSiz handles large disk volumes
(over 2 Gb).

The registered version of DirSiz will process either a Drive List or all the drives
on a system.  The Drive List, and many other options, are specified in an Ini file.  It
has the ability to produce either summary reports or detail reports. It will create a text
file, with user specified line lengths, that may be either viewed or printed.

                         ==>   Sample output!    <==                          

DiSiz is free.  Grab your copy today.

Purchase DirSiz for $19.95 to get many
additional features and capabilities.

Download DirSiz (85 Kb)

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