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Beta Testers, and Feedback, needed for FormatCS!

What is FormatCS?     Beta Ver.: 0.4f, 24 Mar., 2008

     Download: FormatCS
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Nothing improves the maintainability of an application more than the readability of
the source code.

FormatCS is a program that will improve the maintainability of a C Sharp application,
including ASP.NET applications in C#, by reformatting the source code into a readable
and consistent format.

FormatCS is extremely useful in ensuring a consistent format within a developmental
and it is worth its weight in gold when dealing with code written by others.

                         ***  Features of FormatCS  ***

              1)  FAST! execution.
              2)  Extensive Formatting Capabilities.
              3)  Reformatting in-place (no output filename required).
              4)  User Preferences stored in an INI file (no Command Line
                   options needed).
              5)  Automatic creation of backup files.
              6)  Process entire Projects with one command.
              7)  Process entire Solutions with one command.
              8)  Process specific files; i.e. MyFile.cs
              9)  Process generic class of files; i.e., F*.cs
            10)  Automatic creation of a Restore.bat file that allows
                   easy return to the state just prior to executing
            11)  Fast and easy to install; fast and easy to remove.
            12)  Does not alter the Registry.

                       ***  Advantages of FormatCS  ***

           The major advantage of FormatCS is to enforce a consistent and
           very readable format for source code that is developed inhouse.
           This reduces the cost of software maintenance very significantly.
           Anyone that has developed code can attest to the fact that well
           formatted source code is much easier to read and much easier to
           maintain than source code that is not well formatted.

           Another major advantage is realized when you have to deal with
           code that is developed by others; whether it be source code that
           is supplied with many of the programming books, a purchased
           application -- or sample applications.  The code produced by code
           generators also falls into this category.

The best way to appreciate the capabilities of FormatCS is to view source code
used as input to FormatCS and then examine the output that is
produced by
FormatCS from that input.  To demonstrate the capabilities of
FormatCS, the
sample input file has been mutilated to represent a worst case
 scenario.  You
will not find it easy to read.

Please click the two links below.  Click "Back" (on the Toolbar) once you are
on the Text page to return to this page.

See the Input  file.
See the Output file.

Please download a copy of FormatCS and give it a test drive on some of your
code.  We firmly believe, based upon the responses that we have received to
date, that you will be impressed!

The Beta Version will expire about 90 days from date downloaded.  It has no
other limitations.

Download FormatCS (675Kb)

Purchase FormatCS

For feedback or support email: PSI